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Throughout the Indian states, you will come across varieties of cuisines that can’t be consumed in a single day. India is diverse nation;every region has its own food specialty and locally obtained ingredients have been used to prepare delicious delicacies. Food franchise segment is burgeoning these days due to entry of various organized food players in Indian marketplace, additionally evolution of street food franchise, chaat franchise, burger franchise, fast-casual restaurant franchise, etc. have changed the face of food franchise sector in India. Particularly fast food and street food are two segments which are focusing mainly by modern-day food operators.

Amritsar is well-known city in the Indian state of Punjab and this city is growing rapidly over past few years due to increasing footfall of visitors across the country to see, “the Golden temple”, centre of attraction for travellers. The city is famous for its rich culture, diversity, langar and Amritsar has witnessed Jallianwala Bagh massacre during British rule. Food variety in Amritsar clearly reflects the foodie nature of local people, be it fast foods, street foods, main course, and mouth-watering Punjabi lassi. Amritsar is often considered as food capital of Punjab, north Indian food is completely comprised of Punjabi food. The taste, ambience and texture of recipes is different as compared to rest of India, most people prefer non-vegetarian food as well.

Foods in Amritsar

Foods are something that can be enjoyed with great enthusiasm, there is a magic in breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner served in Amritsar. Food in Amritsar is categorised into four segments:

Restaurant food: Like other Indian cities, restaurants in Amritsar offer local cuisines. All restaurant owners pay attention towards cleanliness and freshness and they serve real Punjabi delicacies.

Dhabas: This foodservice format is originated from Punjab, Dhabas can be mostly on highways but in outskirts of Amritsar, there are number of Dhabas that serve affordable foods.

Langar: In Golden temple, every day thousands of people take food in langar. It is free of cost; the food is prepared and served by volunteers without any problem. Such type of food servings you can’t see anywhere else in India.

Street food: You are a foodie, want to experience something unique and yummy, go for street foods. Street vendors offer different forms of chaats, aloo tikki, golgappe, papdi chaat, dahi bhalla, and bhel puri. The combination of Punjabi ingredients will give your tongue new taste and you can feel it.

Overall, Amritsar is full of food but lassi with fresh cream makes your day special and the jalebis which are sweet in taste serve during breakfast and festive occasions. Whenever you are in Amritsar don’t forget to taste the different flavours which available in various corners of the city. Chatar Patar’s chaat franchise is becoming popular in several Indian cities but Amritsar is still vacant. Individuals want to offer innovative and unique snacks to local people and tourists; they must choose any of the profitable business models as per geographic location.

Chaat franchise in Amritsar

Amritsar is one of the fastest growing cities in India, the local government is focusing mainly on to improve living standard of the city. There are number of foodservice players in various segments that offer affordable and convenient food items. Chatar Patar, being India’s 1st panipuri brand has differentiated products and services that bring more diversity to local cuisines. The chaat franchise concept is profitable as well as designedwith an objective to deliver freshly and hygienically prepared ready-to-serve snacks. People in Amritsar enjoy savoury chaats, gapagap, dahi puri, samosa chaat, etc. and chaat franchise is perfect option to start food franchise business.

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