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Increasing eating-out culture among Indians has opened doors of plenty of business options. Earlier there were few restaurants but today whole scenario has changed, there are fine dining, fast-casual, fast food, and street foods foodservice restaurants popularizing in Indian marketplace. Street foods isn’t a new name, especially in India, large number of local vendors can be seen selling locally developed foods on roadside stalls, carts and standalone structures. Indian population’s consumption pattern, increased income level and favourable demographics are few factors that attract global and national investors.

Bhubaneswar is the capital city of Odisha and is one of the fastest growing cities in India. According to World Bank in 2014, Bhubaneswar    is ideal place for business purpose, city’s well-developed transportation, infrastructure and demographic profile are ingredients that preferred mostly by entrepreneurs. Apart from this, the city is home to finest arts and temples, tourist from different corners of the country have been travelling to feel the ancient arts and age old heritage. In fact, Bhubaneswar is a culturally sound city in India and is known as “City of temples.” It is among top tier 2 city and an emerging education and information technology hub, for example organizations such as TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra and Wipro have established corporate parks.

Lip-smacking street foods in Bhubaneswar

There are various places in Bhubaneswar, famous for hygienic and fresh street foods, you can taste array of delicious and mouth-watering cuisines at reasonable rates. For example, the savoury chaats, pastas, ready-to-eat sandwiches and ice-cream, moreover gupchup (panipuri or gapagap or golgappa) are available all over the city. Desserts include: Pahala Rasagola, Chhena Poda and Chhena Jhilli are served during festive occasions. Additionally, Bhubaneswar’s geographic location is definitely add more value as it is regional entry door to tourist destination such as Puri, Chilika Lake and Konark. Overall, Bhubaneswar is ideal location for food franchise establishment.


Money-spinning opportunities

Food franchise sector is highly competitive due to entry of innovative food operators; additionally awareness among customers about branded products is increasing owing to promotional campaigns by international brands. Bhubaneswar is also a modern-day city that with a mesmerizing historical background and significant business hub of Odisha. Foodservice sector in the capital city is in nascent stage, global restaurant chains have entered with their fascinating concepts but they unable to provide the feel and charm that natural ingredients bring to the tongue. Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd is offering low investment money-making business opportunities that means the brand is looking for passionate entrepreneurs who can deliver standard and quick services to consumers. One should never worry about the profit when it comes to Chatar Patar, the chaat franchise brand has developed effective revenue model that can be easily understood by inexperience entrepreneurs as well.

It goes without saying that Chatar Patar is tagged as India’s 1st panipuri brand and is focusing mainly on delivering effective outside home food experience to consumers. The street food franchise has established outlets in 20+ Indian states, moreover majority of outlets are in popular cities including Bangalore, Noida, Mumbai and Nanded. All the outlets are running smoothly and high customer foot fall has overwhelmed franchise owners. It is Chatar Patar’s service, brand recognition and world-class that brings customer to the store. In Bhubaneswar, chaat franchise can be a profitable concept as local people love gupchup and they would definitely appreciate finest quality ingredients and yummiest gupchup as well. All USP products are developed by using natural ingredients, to add more, special care has been taken to improve hygiene level of snacks. Become boss of your own business by joining fastest growing chaat franchise brand.

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