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Mumbai is known for its glamorous and spicy lifestyle. It is the capital of Maharashtra and the most populous Indian city. This city is the most affluent in India and has the highest number of millionaires and billionaires in the country. Rightly called the ‘City of dreams’, Mumbai has fulfilled many dreams of its dwellers. If you are dreaming big and want to make your call a big one, a glorious opportunity is knocking at your door. Chatar Patar-India’s first pani puri brand is selling street food franchisees. Mumbaikars are true foodies who desire superior quality food at local street-fare. Mumbai ranks among the fastest cities for business start ups in India and is the third most expensive office market in the world.

Mumbai is the commercial, financial and entertainment capital of India. It is worth noticing that it’s a city which ranks among the world’s top ten centers of commerce in terms of global financial flow and the inherent potential of food and beverage sector is huge. Chatar Patar offers an irresistible flavor explosion with an invigorating effect. Exclusive dishes are offered such as Chaatizza (unique blend of chaat and pizza), Zappi, Aloo Chakri, Pan Shots and an unbelievable range of gapagap flavors, from spicy like mirchi, adrak, ajwain, lasan and hing to fruity flavors such as litchi, orange, strawberry and mango. The climate of the city generally remains hot and humid throughout the year due to its location on the Konkan coast on the west. Our street food franchises’ offer refreshing flavors of gapagap like pudina, jeera and lemon to counter attack this heat and humidity.

 The people here have shown remarkable tolerance to all cultures and customs. The city is home to migrants from entire India and in its extensively fast-paced lifestyle, finds it difficult to cook regularly at home. Eating out is an indispensable part of Mumbai’s culture and glamour. The concept of Chaat Franchise is unbeaten in the Mumbai market. Mumbaikars love to live life to its fullest. Bhelpuri stalls, rolls, vada pav stands, sandwich stands, Chinese food stalls and bhurji stalls are common here. Although the food is tasty, the cleanliness factors are completely ignored. These street vendors use non-potable water, food safety standards are alarmingly low and absolutely no importance is given to hygiene or hand-washing. Buzzing flies are found over any and everything. During the monsoon season diseases become pervasive. Thus in this alpha world city too, life and business is not without risks. Branding and goodwill plays a vital role. A street food franchise is remunerative opportunity and the benefits are many. You can enjoy street food without actually being on the streets at the local street food stalls. All the dishes are carefully prepared taking into account health and hygiene factors. Food quality standards are always maintained at Chatar Patar.

Mumbai is known for its trendy fashion, the city shelters many international fashion brands as well as a wide range of local markets. Areas like Fashion Street, Zaveri Bazaar, Chor bazaar and Crawford market are always thronged. Mangaldas Market, Bhuleshwar Market, Dadar(W) Flower Market, Family-run shops and Shopping Malls are also seen swarming with crowd. The number of foodies is no less here and these areas are lined by a lot of eateries. Owning a street food franchisee in these areas can be highly rewarding. Many majestic monuments, buildings, elegant temples, thrilling parks and splendid natural beauty rests in Mumbai. Some of them are, The Gateway of India, Film City, Elephanta caves, Essel world, Water Kingdom, Mumba Devi temple, Siddhivinayak temple, Haji Ali, ISKON Temple, Prince of Wales museum, Churchgate and beaches.  This city is unconsummated without the mention of Cinema. It is the lifeline of Mumbai. Big Cinema, Cinemax, Eros Cinema, Fun Cinemas, Maratha Mandir, INOX etc. are the most popular ones. The crowd here just cannot do without food and hence is a perfect spot for establishing Chatar Patar- Chaat Franchisee.

IT parks are mushrooming in the country’s major cities and Mumbai being such an essential part of the country is no exception. The city houses the Santacruz Electronic Export Processing Zone and International Infotech Park. The professionals here can go for some quick bites and relish shakes, mocktails or just go for a cup of coffee or tea. The menu of Chatar Patar befits the demands of Mumbaikars. The franchisor already owns 120+ stores in the country giving away high returns to the franchisees. A street food franchise or a Chaat franchise with a QSR model is perfectly molded for winning shots in the markets of Mumbai.

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