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Franchising is a marketing concept for business expansion. Though franchising is not immune to risks but if taken in the right way it can prove to be a vehicle of success for the franchisor as well as the franchisee. The franchisor carefully develops and designs the brand and formula while the capital and resources of the franchisees are used for rapid expansions. Franchising is quite popular in the Food & Beverages industry. The powerful effect and popularity of Indian food is due to its spices and natural flavorings. The country offers a wide range of regional and traditional cuisines.

The Maharashtrian cuisine consists of dishes from mild to very spicy tastes. The Indian cuisine is an evolving one due to its interactions with other cultures, societies and countries. This is how Chatar Patar came with its concept of Chatizza (chaat+pizza). Chatar Patar, a street food franchise and a splendid pani puri brand with its head held high as the first pani puri brand in India is ready to make its mark now in Pune.  It is the second largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai. It is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. The presence of many dignified educational institutions like the Symbiosis International University, College of Engineering Pune, Deccan Education Society, ILS Law College, Forces medical College etc.,   earned it the title “Oxford of the East”. The city hosts a good student population, remunerative for Chatar Patar outlet. In addition, Pune also has a really long list of India’s major research centers.

A lot of Marathi language newspapers from the British era such as Kesri, Bharat and Sakal continue to be published here decades after independence. The English newspapers Indian Express and Times of India have their Pune edition. Prominent sporting institutions and clubs are also situated in the city. Theatre, may it be professional or experimental receives ample praise from the Marathi community. The Film and Television Institute of India, which belongs to the global CILECT film school network, rests in Pune. Hence, it is quite evident that this city has been doing remarkable good in every field and has ample potential for every industry. The highly aware populace of the city with extensive love for spicy street food may take a halt at a local vendor but only hesitatingly. But with Chatar Patar the health hazards posed at these local vendor’s stalls are reduced considerably and exclusive street snacks are available at really competitive rates under a recognized brand.

Pune is a major tourist stop and offers a thrilling and adventurous stay. Gliding Centre Pune, Paragliding School & Flying Club, Panshet Water Park, Horse Riding, Trekking and Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary give an all new and refreshing experience. Shaniwar Wada, Vishrambaug Wada, Aga Khan Palace, Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Darshan Museum, Dagduseth Halwai Ganesh Temple, Pataleshwar caves, Sinhagad and Khadakwasala are the major tourist interests here. There is a lot to cherish and a great place to eat. Delicious hot food at affordable rates is in great demand. A franchise that offers hot spicy-sweet street food is just modeled for sizeable profits in Pune.  Chaat and pani puri are extensively popular dishes of India. These dishes have already established a crucial share in the markets since years and are still unbeatable.

 A business in this sector is sure to pay high rewards. There are many who desire to come up with their own business but due lack of sufficient capital, experience and strategy this dream seems to be impossible. Chatar Patar is the best option to tackle these problems and make your business dream come true. Pune is full of glorious cinema halls and multiplexes like Big Cinemas, Fame, City Pride, INOX etc. The city hosts The International Film Festival and the “NH-7 Music Festival” is a recent addition. As fun and food are inseparable Chatar Patar franchisee is a gainful opportunity. Pune is already in competition for the citation “Hosts IT and automotive companies” and is an evolving business center.

Though like any other business model, the franchising model too is not immune to risks. But the strategy, brand, goodwill and formula of the franchisor definitely reduce the risks and challenges of the franchisee and provide vital support in business. Chatar Patar in the vibrant city of Pune is an opportunity of low cost food franchise with high returns.

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