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low investment street food franchise

In the past few days, owner of the Chatar Patar has decided to launch eco-friendly chaat franchise concepts such as Mega, Café and lounge. At a time when existing brands are thinking about how to embrace latest trends or looking for efficient location, Indore-based street food franchise, ChatarPatar is in happy position. “The customer traffic at newly opened Café store in Delhi is exciting, there is no financial burden, expansion is occurring at rapid rate and sales have been increasing every month,” says CEO, Mr. Pratik Jatale. In a nutshell, the brand is bringing right product for customer at reasonable price across the nation. Additionally menu is world-class;ChatarPatar isn’t targeting particular section of population, regardless of income level or location, anybody can enjoy delicious cuisines: bhel, Panipuri, Idlivada, Pan Shots, etc. All these snacks consumed around India and in foreign countries with great acclaim.
Café store at Delhi
Develop on area around 1000 Sq. Ft. at Rajouri Garden, a crowding market in west Delhi, ChatarPatar’s Café store has gained tremendous popularity since its opening. It is a FOCO (franchise owned Company Operated) with a locking period of 5 years and after completion of agreement Tenure Company return complete investment amount paid by franchisee. A minimum of 25 lakh is required for café model.
ChatarPatar Bhopal
Recently opened store in Bhopal is running successfully. It is COFO (Company owned Franchise Operated) with an investment around 10 lakh. People love flavourful Panipuri and delicious Zappi & Chaatizza.
In addition Nagpur, Yavatmal, Trivendrum, Kolkata, Dhule, Bardoli, patna, Noida, Gulbarga, Dhekiajuli, Coimbatore and Udaipur (upcoming) are few of the cities where you can enjoy different varieties of Indian street foods developed exclusively by ChatarPatar. We’re not big name in foodservice sector but now with upcoming store opening, we can ensure for massive growth.

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