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Chatar patar, the leading food franchise has gained lots of popularity over past two years due to its flavourful panipuris and amazing varieties of snacks, world-class services and best practices to prepare all products. Bardoli is city situated 35 Km from Surat in Gujarat state. Newly established food outlet will definitely add more diversity to foods offered, people in Surat and nearby areas are foodie, spend more money on innovative foods. Chatar patar foods Pvt. Ltd. is one of examples of great success story. Earlier starting on the roads of Indore, the organization embraced the young generation by providing branded golgappa accepted by consumers across the country. A major portion of company’s revenue comes from chatar patar brand, through these franchisees, it has gained immense fame across borders and market comprises of Nepal. Competition is getting tougher day-by-day as new entrants are waiting to penetrate food industry. But distinguished business model is driver to brand’s unprecedented growth.
In Bardoli there was no brand that offers hygiene golgappa, people these days become more health concern focus mainly on cleanliness and environment of foodservice brand. While discussion with bardoli’s store owner, lots of things have been learnt regarding consumer choice and preference in the region. Owner of store is so happy to become part of India’s leading food franchise brand. Near about 112 flavours were invented and approx. 25 flavours exclusively offered in stores, over a year or so, standing of chatar patar is par beyond its counterparts. Methods of franchising adopted by brand have undergone gradual shifting in order to indulge latest trends and technologies. Now it is not a new brand, nevertheless, it is franchise ignored by investors. It is observed that fast-growing Indian population create more business opportunities especially in food and beverage sector, if you want to become franchisee contact as soon as possible.

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