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It is very exciting to know that Chatar Patar, Indian 1st panipuri brand has developed unique flavours which will not available anywhere around the globe. For example, Pani puri shots and Pan shots are perfect example of creativity and versatility. Below is the flavours offered at Chaat franchise:
1. Hing: Also known as Asafoeitda is a spice used in Indian cuisines; Chatar patar has used Hing to offer savoury golgapa. Unlike local vendors, the brand serves hygienic snacks where you can self-serve.
2. Strawberry: Known for its aroma, juicy texture and sweetness, the strawberry flavour definitely gives a twist to your tongue. It also good for immune system as well.
3. Litchi: A fleshy fruit eaten in dessert dishes. This flavour hardly available at local vendors or stalls. Whenever you’re in Delhi visit Chatar Patar to have luscious litchi flavour based panipuri
4. Sauf: fennel seeds are healthy and used in cuisines. The Sauf flavour is effective as well as mouth-watering.
5. Adrak: Ginger is used to make tea and coffee. Adrak flavour is ever green which is mostly available around different corners of the nation. These are few of flavours; we have 112 flavours in our bucket.
Stuffed gapagap
1. Dahi: It is tasty as well as crunchy. Panipuri is stuffed with Dahi (curd), and natural herbs.
2. Italian Gapagap: To eat Italian based panipuri you should visit chatar patar.3. Chocolate Gapagap: Suffed with yummy chocolate, you should try thisIf you’re a chat lover and want something delicious, drop in at Chatar Patar.

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