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Gapagap franchise

Panipuri is one of the tasty Indian delicacies consumed throughout the country; moreover you can see number of local vendors selling panipuri over last two decades. Panipuri is also named as puckha, gapagap or gup chup in various locations across the nation. The demand of gapagap is increasing day-by-day; people will never stop eating roadside ready-to-eat snacks. Nowadays taste and hygiene condition matters the most for consumers, street food is now becoming profitable business due to entry of numerous local brands. The successful story of Chatar Patar will definitely amaze you a lot, gapagap franchise is perfect example of innovation. To be more specific, Chatar Patar has introduced new flavours of panipuri which wouldn’t develop by local vendors because they don’t invest time, money and energy.

You can start a panipuri business with very low investmentbut question arises what is the difference between you and local vendors. Chatar Patar has influenced gapagap consumption all around the country;the brand has begun franchising to promote hygienic and fresh street foods in organized format. It was difficult to create gapagap franchise because people prefer local vendors to quench their hunger. After effortless work, first gapagap franchise outlet was successfully opened in Rajkot, Gujarat and it seems like new era of street food has been started. Later on, people understand significance of cleanliness and freshness, Chatar Patar was become a household name. Street food franchise sector is burgeoning as plenty of small and medium sized enterprises have come up with innovative menu.

As of 2018, Chatar Patar has touched revenue of 80 crore which is outstanding and it gives new energy to street food franchise sector as well. Franchise units running in major Indian cities reflect brand loyalty and customer love for gapagap franchise. To start panipuri business, you need standard operating procedures as today’s customer want quick services, apart from this, try to give new flavours rather than on-going.

Gapagap franchise will definitely help you a lot when it comes to unique business concepts. No doubt, Panipuri business is growing rapidly in India and in global markets as well. There are only few brands but Chatar Patar is standalone market leader that rank top in terms of franchise network and revenue generation. On average, a panipuri stall owner will earn around 500 to 800 but in case of Chatar Patar revenue will manifold as all products are prepared through natural ingredients and special care has been taken to improve quality of foods. Any person who is interest in gapagap franchise must follow systematic procedure, to add more, overlooked target market consumption pattern and spending power as Chatar Patar’s product are high in rates as compared to local vendors.

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