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Chatar patar franchise

Today’s digital world, everyone wants to be boss of own business and aiming to run it successfully. But due to intense competition it would be difficult to find niche place in local markets as existing players have already established amazing brand awareness. Franchising is effective and proven route to start own business, basically product distribution and business format are two major franchise types available in market. Options for starting a new business:
 Start from scratch (initial stage)
 Buy a franchise
 Acquiring an existing franchise
After choosing franchise, you have two options either go for FOCO model or focus on FOFO. Both models can be profitable if you choose best brand, in this context Chaat franchise will be perfect because:
 It is unique concept
 Greater food variety
 Well-suited for large consumer group
 Easily replicate
 Best at national and global level markets
Chatar Patar is growing a rapid rate with specific focus on consistent innovations &quality services. FOCO (franchise owned company operated) recently launched by company in order to give standard services which mayn’t maintain by franchisees.
How it works
In FOCO model, whole operational activities from interiors to daily operations maintain by company. Some franchisees don’t follow company standards which resulted in poor services. On other hand, in FOCO model investor just put money and franchise unit developed by company.
 Standard procedures Well-maintained basic infrastructure as per company standards Franchisee owns business but all activities handled by company thus there will be no uncertainties or pressure to retain customer on franchisees. Profit sharing is done wherein company gets a bigger share Quality will be maintainedChatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd. is popular street food brand in India that offers amazing FOCO model opportunities with low to high investment models.

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