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India’s leading golgappa brand Chatar Patar has announced its expansion plan. New business plans has been introduced to penetrate local markets in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Fast food franchise segment is undoubtedly expanding at a rapid rate almost covered each and every section of Indian society. Nonetheless Chatar Patar’s position in market has been rising because more and more mega stores are about to opened in metropolitan cities in coming months. The brand has segregated models into nano, kiosk, hangout and megastore. Futuristic business models will be launched by the end of 2017. Chatar Patar has its finger on pulse of golgappa market with huge market dominance and broad range delicious foods. Over the past few years the brand has given a power blow to panipuri market through its innovative business models as well as different ways to presenting delicious snacks to customers.
Fast food franchise sector is continuously demonstrating sustainable growth but challenges are bound to come along the way to success. The development plan focuses on:
• Enhancing customer experience through involving digital capabilities in operational activities.
• Designing better delivery system for customer convenience
• Creating new business models to reach urban as well as semi-urban areas
• Reshaping franchising business model to expand Chatar Patar in foreign lands
We have completely changed our strategies; develop effective products so that customer will be treated more efficiently. We focus on long term growth; customer-centric approach is the best way to develop loyal customer numbers. At present there are number of national as well as international brands have established as popular names but Chatar Patar’s inception has transformed whole market statistics over past two years. We value customer, our greatest strategies lies in core standards i.e. food, quality, cleanliness and customer preference. If you are looking to open new Chatar Patar store contact us.

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