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low investment food franchise

Chatar Patar is preparing to appoint more franchisees across India and global markets as well. In 2018, company is planning to open mega, café & lounge store in Delhi, Indore, Maharashtra, Rajasthan (Udaipur) and Bangalore. The quick service restaurant chain is growing exponentially over past five years. With 100+ outlets run successfully in different locations, Chatar Patar foods have an amazing demand, most delicious Panipuri flavours, Zappi and Chaatizza are unique delicacies available at reasonable rates. The major reason behind success is quality, taste, profitable business models, low investment and high return. Street food franchise model is designed to standardize foodservice sector in local regions.
Chatar Patar is known for its services delivered franchisees, its tremendous popularity and brand awareness work positively for new franchisees, they can easily make more money. Major things you should know:
1. Location: the ideal location for lounge model would be around 1000 Sq. Ft., the company evaluate site then only approved. Mall, public area, airport, etc. would be perfect for new business.
2. Financial: Chatar Patar’s recognition is expanding but still investment model required is low as compared to counterparts. On the other hand, ROI (return on investment) is also achieving within six months.
3. Menu: Unique mix of cuisines from different corners of the country brings by Chatar Patar under single roof. Franchisees can serve authentic foods prepared by 100% natural ingredients.
4. Marketing & sales: In order to generate sales franchisees need to manage marketing & promotions regularly. Chatar Patar offers back end support as well as help franchisee to run store smoothly.
Before diving into foodservice sector, it is critical to understand what people like, how much spend on away-from-home meals, and behaviour. No doubt, Chaat franchise is doing amazing business and offers great opportunity to people who want to become boss of own business.

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