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chaat franchise in india

Street foods are one of the best diets of urban as well as metropolitan cities; number of people enjoys varieties of foods at reasonable prices on Indian streets. With diversity within different states of the country, street foods are also available on basis of local regions. For example, in Mumbai you can eat Vadapav but in Kerala recipes like Idli, dosa are famous. Ready to eat foods offered by local vendors are largely consumed by people from every age group. Street food franchise market is growing at rapid rate hence there is need of more professional players like Chatar Patar.
Significance of street food
• Street food segment is valuable for Indian economy because number of small scale as well as medium sized enterprises are actively present on streets to serve millions of people
• Streets foods are major source of income of urban poor • Low prices and easy availability makes street food convenient choice for giving delicious taste to tongue
• Indian street foods include panipuri, samosa, bhell famous throughout the world
• Effectively contribute to Indian economy
• Government promote ‘Clean and Tasty’ street food initiate
Despite presence of endless varieties, Indian street foods are still not in position to compete with global marketplace. A majority of street food vendors didn’t aware of governmental initiatives, moreover today’s consumer concern for what they eat and how they eat. People demand street foods to be served in organised format.
Chatar Patar revolution
In order to transform Indian street food, chatar patar develop organised foodservice concepts. There are over 80 outlets actively running throughout the country and a new outlet is recently opened in Nepal. It goes without saying that Indian marketplace is full of new players but you can’t find standard practices anywhere else. In coming years, Indian street food sector will expand and lots of opportunities create.

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