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In country like India, good food is available is available in all corners, in fact, all foodservices chains offer delicious, cheap and quick foods. Ethnic foods are always special because one can feel traditional culture and get chance to imagine about age old cuisines consumed by ancestors. To sample various food items, you can divide into different segment:
• Street foods (15 %)
• Fast foodservice chains (20 %)
• Full services restaurants (50 % )
• Beverage operators (12 %)
• Dhabas, small stalls
Tourism may contribute to Indian food industry because foreigners visit India with an aim to know more about ancient traditions, cultures and rituals. Special restaurants are designed nearby famous historical palaces and destinations to mesmerise visitors by broad range Indian dishes. Chatar Patar also known as Chaat franchise or gappagap franchise is contributing impressively to uplift most loved foods at international level. Many Indian customers enjoy range of panipuris at chatar patar. The brand has offered 112 flavours of puchka or panipuri accompanied with 80 varieties of bhell and 27 varieties of chaat padi. Such panorama of exceptional snacks is only served at Chatar Patar. You have been to various panipuri stalls but it is quite hard to get mixture of delicious snacks under single platform. Chatar patar is special brand that always focus on how to make customer happy and somehow every individuals visit the doors have experienced new taste of Indian foods. In today’s fast growing lifestyle everyone is busy, prefer quick services. At chatar patar every food items is ready to eat, customer didn’t wait for long time. Moreover all products are available at reasonable price. Thus chatar patar has produced wonders, for instance, become India’s first ever brand to offer unimaginable range of panipuri and chaats. Everyone whether children, young ones, and old age people have enjoyed delicious foods and share their experience to others.

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