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fast food franchise in india

The general concept Indian food service industry is multifaceted and is projected to become a multibillion industry in coming years as people are demanding for organised restaurants. Panipuri an appetizing delicacy; is consumed across India and in some parts of the world. It is a street food available in various flavours i.e. sweet and sour and toppings of onions, potatoes, etc. are offered at reasonable. Over past few years people demand standard food and safety practices, they want registered players and clean food zones. Street food franchise concept is focused mainly on transforming food service sector. Chatar Patar is India’s first brand which has established innovative model to serve street foods in well structured format. Demand for inexpensive, ready-to-eat meals has developed as people have not as much of time to make foods at home.
Street food market
People from different economic strata show great level of interest in street foods. Many people in Asian countries like to spend time on streets while enjoying their delicious recipes. By 2020, organised street food market is estimated to capture at least 5 to 10 % from unorganised market. Local vendors and stall owners will continue to dominate food market. Although growth of standard food service outlet is rising, for instance Chatar Patar has developed network of franchisees in all corners of the country. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra are states where company has maximum number of outlets. All are running smoothly and generate lots of revenue on daily basis. Hence penetration of modern-day operators is beneficial for street food franchise sector in following way:
1.Development of high quality and clean food service formats
2.More revenue generation
3.Popularity of Indian foods at global platform
4.Increasing Employment opportunities
5.Expansion of local recipes
For new entrepreneurs starting with street food business is right choice. Low investment, high profits and flexibility are few significant factors that attract investors from foreign lands. Another interesting fact is that, organised and unorganised restaurant operators are helping each other to improve services. Apart from this, Indian government is also giving training to existing local vendors to enhance their productivity. Today’s consumer notice only freshness and cleanliness, it is your responsibility to fulfil all criteria. Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd. is registered street food franchise brand which is proving amazing business opportunities. You can easily start own food business in semi-urban or rural areas in limited time period.

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