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best food franchise in india

Food from around the globe!! Whenever you heard these words your mind will definitely wandering for variety food items offers by vendors across the world. If you are Indian then you can search for best street food in your city, locality or town. If you are food loving person then you can understand that street foods are perfect reflection of diverse Indian culture. It is true most of people like to dine out in restaurants, food courts or hotel but the pleasure served by roadside cuisines are unmatched. In crowed cities like Mumbai and Delhi consumers are agree to stand in a queue to taste delicious food items. Moreover, Indian street foods are cheap and easily available. You may dance on many bollywood songs shows glimpse of roadside foods. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata are home of thousands of vendors selling vada pav, golgappa, Dahi puri and other stuffs daily. It is one of the major parts of our economy because livelihood of near about 20 per cent population is depending on street food. To add more, foreigners are also mesmerised by mouth watering dishes. In some developing and developed economies you will certainly find Indian foods.
Walk around streets of small, large and medium sized regions you’ll find local vendors with a variety of street preparations like chaat papdi, aloo chat, etc. Some interesting yet unique facts regarding popular Indian street food:
Panipuri:It is a world renowned food. In countries such as America, Kenya, Britain you’ll easily taste variety of spicy sweet and sour dish.
Paapri Chat: mouth watering papdis topped with curd, tamarind and coriander can definitely serve your purpose.
There is a never ending list but you can easily find these two food items in India and also across worldwide locations. Thus it is proven that India is the land of unlimited food varieties.

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