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food business

Food franchise segment is highly competitive, dramatic changes in consumption pattern driving traffic. Number of business options available, you can choose from different models include FOFO (Franchise owned franchise operated) and FOCO (Franchise owned company operated). Both types will be profitable as people like to eat food outside home. Changing lifestyle, urbanization, increased income level and consumer choices & preferences are reasons of increasing food franchise opportunities in global markets. Apart from this, technological advancements over past few years are contributing magnificently towards growth of foodservice industry. Despite, severe contest there is limitless opportunities generating in markets.
How Chatar Patar is special one
Chatar Patar is highly admired street food franchise brand which has play vital role in organized sector (QSR, fine dining, full-service casual, lounges, & Café format). Eating-out culture among consumer has opened several business options, for example hybrid, café and lounge store model are designed with a sole objective to deliver matchless services. Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd. is a registered player which has created effective brand image and is estimated that it will outpaced other existing companies in coming years. To remain competitive, most brands constantly transform flavors, quality, services and prices. On the other hand Chatar Patar introduces broad range varieties, flavorful panipuri products and other snacks. All franchise models crafted by brand are well structured and maintained, in addition today’s new generation show great interest in digital media which is also covered smartly. Few strategic planning points:
1. Consistent growth strategy:foodservice segment is progressing, new brands come with special concepts to make customer pleased and fulfilled their demands.
2. Brand awareness:Maintaining a strong position in market is a big challenge, marketing strategies should be implemented effectively and efficiently.
3. Profit margin:Everyone want to earn as maximum as possible, so profit margin should be analyzed regularly.

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