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It goes without saying that people these days spend more money on foods available at restaurants, especially people belong to young age group prefer new taste and flavours to explore their taste buds. Today, food service operator face challenges to provide fresh, quality and world-class eatables. Chatar Patar, India’s most affordable street food player has come up with effective business models in the course of last five years. For example, Café, Kiosk and express are names of highly profitable models mostly offer by Chatar Patar. If you want to discover lucrative food franchise opportunities you need to specify the search list on basis of below mentioned market segmentation concepts:
1. Product differentiation: The foodservice sector is so large, whole market can be segregated as:
• Non-vegan products
• Green vegetable based products
• Ready-to-eat products
Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd. is mainly focusing on ready-to-eat street food products in organized format i.e. QSR (quick service restaurant). The brand is consistently launched various products in categories such as Gapagap, drink, bhels, etc. Industry experts assumed that foodservice sector in coming days would become multitrillion dollar.
2. By geographic location: You can narrow down searching on basis of geographic location, for instance people in southern part of India consume non-vegan recipes more as compared to central region. Chatar Patar’s menu is innovative and can be used to implement in different corner of the nation.
3. By brand recognition: People always follow popular brands, they are willing to visit best foodservice destinations once or twice in a week. You choose the brand that is popular and has great awareness.
Ready-to-eat food products market is expected to grow effectively owing to consumer demand and non-availability of time of home-based foods.
Chatar Patar is experience player that knows how to rule the foodservice market in India; it offers exception food franchise opportunities.

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