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The street food sector has been growing exponentially in span of last few years and continues to expand, deliver ultimate returns as well. The sector has had some challenges regarding infrastructure and supply chain system but it remains to be strong and is appealing global as well as national investors. Every Indian whether children, middle age or old aware about the term ‘Chaat’, it is basically used for snacks which are savoury in taste served with potato patty, onions, panipuri& green vegetable as well. The northern region of India is famous for wide range of Chaat flavours, especially in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh you can find number of local vendors on the streets.
The Chaat franchise is introduced into foodservice industry in order to offer street foods in standard formats with cleanliness and freshness. For example ChatarPatar, as it known, is a clear cut market leader when it comes to innovations and high-quality services. The brand is regarded as 1stpanipuri player in organized format; moreover it has gained amazing popularity in media as well. Chaat franchise is a turning point for Indian street food market because earlier there were only local vendors that operate from streets. As people have shifted to hygienic foods as they concern for what they eat and how they eat.
Chaat franchise is invented by ChatarPatar to promote hygienic foods in local marketplace. The concept was appreciated by people; in fact range of zesty snacks such as bhell, dahippuri, papdichaat, etc. available at reasonable rates. The Indian street foods have now become famous in international marketplace as well, for example you can find number of Indian restaurants in London, Indonesia, America & other developed countries. In fact different types of Chaats are demanded heavily by foreigners, they like the deep-fried papris presented with curd.
In this technology-based business environment, it is critical to chase your customer. Preferences and choices of consumer keep changing, food franchise operators face lots of challenges to redesign menu as per customer demand. Instead of thinking about competition, some brands such as ChatarPatar consistently experimented with existing menu to bring new delicacies. If want to start a chaat franchise you should focus on three things: who is your target customer, what they like to eat and how much they spend on meals away-from-home. After analysing complete data you can easily begin food business and become successful also.

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