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If you are left with small money, don’t get frustrated there are so many ways to start a fast food outlet. No need to go for popular brand, you can make your own brand a big one. For example, Chatat Patar fast growing golgappa brand has emerged out of box no one could imagine that panipuri will be sold in well designed outlets. Thus to give power to your dreams only thing required is full dedication and strong vision to create unique. You should focus on following points before involving in any project.
• Business idea
People now-a-days are experimenting on food items, they demand fresh and new items. So it is better to start research to gain knowledge of consumer mindset. Asked few questions like what kind of ingredients they like to eat or what they prefer most.
• Locality
A good location will add more value to your food stall ideas. Try to occupy crowded area where you can promote your food items to maximum public. You can also market your shop through online advertisement campaigns.
•Brand name
A unique brand is always creating buzz, at least spend few years to get best brand name, design attractive logo and a tag line. For example, when Chatar Patar was incorporated everything was up to mark, brand started with a tag line “Chatar Patar khole muh ka shatter”.
Yea it matters but there are various options available. It is not essential to pay huge rents to develop a luxurious restaurant. If your products are unique then offer through movable food trucks. It serves various purposes like you can market your products without paying to any agency as well as reach maximum public
All business whether small, medium or large sized should follow food safety and standard act. All activities related to food preparation should follow standard procedures.

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