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food franchise opportunities in india

Idea generation is easy but implementation is tough. You have to develop a firm business plan and measure all key performance indicators required to get settled in the industry. Mr. Prashant Kulkurani the man behind the innovative food stall ideas of selling Golgappa in different style has started Chatar Patar foods with a vision to completely change the thinking of general public. According to him, it is the concept, firm determination and step-by-step strategies which plays key role in developing an innovative brand. To add more he also focused on the various things such as theme, interior, colour of the furniture, and more important quality. So a strong vision and passionate to develop unique products has encouraged the owner of Chatar Patar to open another store named Andeywala.
Why engaged in food industry
According to Mr. Prashant kulkarni Indians are fonder of eating different varieties of cuisines as well as they respect food cultures of various countries too. As per his vision, F&B sector in India is mounting with a high velocity making India a favourite destination for fast food chains. In addition, increase income of middle class, favourable demographics and constantly changing spending behaviour are the major reason behind such phenomenal growth. In coming years there would be huge investment done in F&B sector. The industry continues to expand as more and more national and international players have tried hard to make entry. But what makes you different amidst intense competition? From quality to services, getting customer’s feedback to consistently upgrading menu cards is all vital for sustainable growth. Chatar Patar has understood the needs and demands of modern era consumers to deliver unique services. A firm business model, effective marketing strategies, knowledge of target market and sales channel are few basic concepts which should be analysed before starting any project.

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