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street food franchise

Recent studies have revealed that food business is profitable venture in Asian countries. India and China are leading nations for providing phenomenal business platform to potential entrepreneurs. For example, in India you see varieties of foods items offered on streets of every state. Street businesses are major source of income for local people. Over past few years it has been recognised that people are focusing on standard street food vendors. Indian government is also providing training to unregistered vendors on food and safety measures. Some companies has emphasized on street food items, various new recipes have been developed to transform unorganised foodservice sector.
Street food franchise
Street foods are part of vast Indian cuisines. People from age group, class or region participate in various program organised by government. Some modern-era brands have shifted street food to new level through franchise business model. This model is one of the mainstays of foodservice sector as it provides employment to number of people on continuous basis. As of 2017, chatar patar has established new stores in major Indian cities. It is India’s first brand that offers broad range varieties of snacks like panipuris, bhels, etc. in organised format. Apart from this, there are few other brands follow chatar patar but none of them has achieved consistent success. For the past five years, foodservice sector offer tremendous employment opportunities and is projected to grow 10% this year.
Entrepreneurs planning to start own business in foodservice sector should focus on franchise model. Chatar patar foods Pvt. Ltd. have developed various business models include:
1. Kiosk - low investment model
2. Nano -you can set up nano model at malls, public areas, etc. It is one of the best model every designed.
3. Hangout - innovative, incredible and unique chatar patar model
4. Mega store-For entrepreneurs want to invest huge amount

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