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Over a period of time, almost 60 percent of Indian population visit fast food franchise outlets once or twice in a week and near about 30 percent working young generation spend more than 15 percent of their income on fast food. Thus fast food sector is one of the fastest growing business sectors in India. Many of traditional foods like golgappa have been nurtured to suit developing fast food outlets. Some of the fast food trends that you can see in India:
• Decorating cash counters to sell food coupons:
• A drinking water fountain couple with smart technology:
• Trendy chairs and tables :
• A food delivery counter :
• A well furnished and clean cooking area :
These are few common fast food business formats that you have observed while travelling across the country. Evidence has suggested that fast food culture was first begun in Britain and then get popularized in USA markets. The concept of ready to eat food items was closely related to increased urbanization. Everyone now-a-days want to eat fast food items. Here are some interesting facts related to Indian foods:
• From ancient times, Indian was figured as land of variety species • Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy and astringent are various flavours of traditional Indian foods :
• Fresh vegetables and fruits (Saatvic), meat and liquor (taamsic) and oil and spices (Raajsic) are basic categories of Indian foods • Every Indian state has its own traditional dishes or example, Gujarat is famous for dhoklas and thepla :
• But panipani king of all street foods is easily available anywhere in India • Fast food items like burgers and pizzas are consumed heavily by young generation :
• Some brand like Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd. have identified Indian consumer needs and wants, developed professional panipuri brand to transform whole fast food industry. :

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