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There are numerous opportunities in Indian foodservice industry, to showcase services food franchise brands on international markets. India foodservice sector worth INR US $ 1.5 trillion and has a potential to generate exceptional revenues in coming years. India is home to some of best food franchise brands and these brands provide opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to start food business but unable to invest large amount. In metros, cities and town you see number of local vendor offer chaats. Street vendors are appreciated by consumers for unique flavours, on the contrary new operators focus primarily on organised to serve delicious snacks. The concept of chaat franchise is developed by chatar patar foods Pvt. Ltd. few years ago. Chaat franchise is basically a low investment business; you can establish a outlet, kiosk or food court nearby malls, public places or as per needs and wants of target consumer.
Ready-to-eat food offer by chatar patar are prepared by using standard procedures. Consumer now-a-days prefer to eat health hygiene foods served by registered players. Panipuri shots and chaatizza are attracting large number of people and also sometimes people demand for tandoori noodles, sandwiches, etc. Street foods available in different regions of India are basically related to climatic condition and culture. For example, in South India dishes like idli, dosa, upam, rasam, vada, etc. are offer by local vendors. Every region has its own specialities, delicious variety of ready-to-eat foods. Several studies have showed that 20 to 30 % of income is spent by people on outside home foods. Chaat franchise can be established by low start-up costs, training and marketing support. It goes without saying that Chaat franchise is best food business to penetrate local markets. The Indian marketplace is competitive; you required unique products so that large number of customers can be attracted.

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