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Chaat franchise

Food service industry is burgeoning now-a-days, every year number of small, medium and large scale enterprises have entered into franchising with a purpose to reach maximum customers. The concept of Chaat franchise is different from traditional food service formats. It was introduced by Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd. to offer street foods in organized restaurants. The brand has successfully launched various models as well as creates amazing products to build strong relationship with customers. Before first store opened in Gujarat, condition of Indian street food isn’t up to mark as compared to international marketplace. As a new entrepreneur you must know basic concepts:

1.     What products to be produced: Market segmentation is necessary to become successful in food franchise sector because competition is getting diverse; it is difficult for existing companies to control consistent changing consumer choice and preferences. Product selection should be done on basis of target spending power and consumption pattern. Chatar Patar’s menu is innovative, simple yet scrumptious because it includes recipes which can be presented anywhere around the globe.


2.     Auditing: Once you become popular in any location, it is not necessary that you will get succeeded in other location as well. Auditing of everything including business strategies, services, operating procedure and food items is must. Without a systematic plan you can’t get success throughout the globe. Chatar Patar is continuously focusing on latest trends whether it is marketing techniques or franchise systems.


3.     Leverage Technology: In this global food franchise business environment, as franchisor you should take advantage of technology to cut down various costs. Chatar Patar’s business concepts are highly customized, well planned and maintained through digital technologies. At present it is one of the unbeatable street food franchise brand in India that offers low investment business concepts, valuable support and help franchisee to establish own business effectively.

4.   Strong team: It is well said,” team work is necessary to build a business in different locations. This concept also fits into Chatar Patar success story, the company has team of experts which will help franchisee as well as develop new effective concepts. 

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