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Authentic cuisines, high nutritious value and quality foods are fundamental needs of today’s consumers. Food franchise sector generates huge revenues around US $ 50 billion or above in a fiscal year, soaring focus on healthier eating options and budding consumer awareness are substantial factors for redesign of food business. Innovations in food business are largely appreciated by consumers as they like to eat or experience magnificent and fantastic recipes at single roof at reasonable prices. If you’re capable to fulfil all requirements then no one can beat you. Apart from this, deep understanding of current trends and opportunities will be beneficial for your brand to grow in competitive marketplace. Several franchise operators are concentrating on new technology to improve services and to manage operational and marketing activities effectively. For instance, QSR (quick service restaurant) format is need of the day; you can’t attract large customers with traditional techniques. Here are list of some foodservice concepts popular these days:
1. Fresh ingredients - Did you know people don’t think about money? They are only demanding high quality and fresh ingredients from foodservice operators. On-the-go and healthy eating habits are growing, consumer demand effective facilities. Restaurant chains around the world are facing problems to meet consumer demands, hence fresh ingredients is solution of all problems.
2. Market segmentation - In order to grow your business in new locations, you need to segregate target customers on basis of choice and preferences. A well-designed plan is implement easily when you know customers. Restaurant owners are continuously add more economic models to cut own unnecessary costs.
3. Food truck – trend of mobile food business is quite popular now-a-days. Food truck is best way to promote new products in competitive markets. You can easily reach maximum customers and gain valuable feedbacks for better improvements.
4. Online ordering – Increasing demand for ready-to-eat meals and fresh ingredients by consumer should be fulfilled by food franchise operators on regular basis. Digital menus and online order system is lucrative way to facilitate customers and make them happy. You should make advantage of current trends to generate more profits.
5. Business model – The restaurant industry is beneficial for national economy in many ways, for example employment opportunities will be generated. If you want to contribute in nation’s growth it is necessary to develop effective business model to provide benefits to all stakeholders which are directly or indirectly affected by commercial activities. Be active and passionate to bring innovative business solutions.

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