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Online ordering as well as payment system is essential need of today’s consumer; they can easily order desired foods items in quick succession of time through mobile phones or computers. Recent studies suggested that consumer over past five years constantly use Smartphone access internet based apps, companies take advantage of consumer buying behaviour to generate more revenues. Online food ordering system is result of increasing use of internet and Smart phones. Restaurant owners of this fast-growing environment use integrated services techniques to gain popularity and revenues. Chatar Patar foods has developed fantastic app to facilitate customers.
Speciality of app
• Individuals can check whether chatar patar is available in their locality or not.
• They can choose from varieties of snacks like chaatizza, gapagap, chaat papdi, etc.
• Orders can be tracked easily through this app
• You earn gapagap points as well
• Convenient and safe payment mode
• Add money to chatar patar wallet
It is certainly one of the best ways to get involve with potential customers; you can link social media pages to online order system. It is a boon for restaurant owners to sell products to number of consumers. Many existing players in foodservices sector didn’t use online order system, consequently they had to loss business to their competitors. Hence it is necessary to get mingle with modern trends and opportunities full scale-internet based services are critical to reach today’s young generation. Companies can increase sales through a well-maintained online system to attract customers, several campaigns or offers will be shared through technology based mechanism. If you’re looking to start new business then develop an attractive website, and add online ordering option. It goes without saying that consumer in this technological age want quick services thus operators need to fulfil demands to remain as popular brand in market.

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