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chaat franchise india

India’s food franchise sector is abundantly diversified; limitless varieties of recipes are available at reasonable rate on the streets. Steady development in technology has helped restaurant owners to interact with consumer on regular basis through social media platform. In order to improve products it is essential to take valuable feedback from existing customers. In this context, chatar patar foods have tremendously achieved various milestones in terms of brand awareness and outlets. Food has become a means of recreation it is not consume for physical demand. Restaurant industry is rapidly grow because people like celebrate with friends and family members in luxurious foodservice restaurants. Year-by-year ration of number of consumer and food franchise has increased steadily; chatar patar has also contributed in transformation of street food. India’s first standard panipuri brand was developed by it since then people love the brand, food, services and innovations. Today’s customer wants unique concepts, scrumptious dishes and freshness.
How it is extraordinary
1. Menu - The brand has produced new forms of streets which seen before, for example over 100 flavours of panipuri, 30 types of bhel and chaat, masala lemonade (soft drink), Idli Vada, etc. Additionally all foods presented in standard QSR format.
2. Quick service –People don’t want to wait for longer time, at chatar patar all snacks are ready-to-eat. Customers appreciate high-quality dinin, arts and quick services.
3. Brand popularity –The main objective is to offer wide range of snacks at reasonable rate and it has successfully done it. Tremendous marketing efforts are required to create brand awareness in this competitive landscape.
4. Franchise opportunities – Franchising is best route for anybody who is inexperience and want to start own business. Chatar patar foods Pvt. Ltd. is constantly focusing on how to provide effective services to franchisees and help them to grow business

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