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chaat franchise

You’ve definitely heard about Chaats, the yummiest snacks found on streets of Indian states especially Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. One brand, Chatar Patar has changed definition of chaats through its tremendous business models and high quality services. When it comes to chaats you will think about roadside vendors but Chatar Patar’s chaat franchise concept is quite different moreover special care has been taken towards health hygiene practices. The street food culture in India is limited only to local vendors, in fact unregistered players have dominated major portion of market as compared to registered operators. Chatar Patar is started with an aim of standardized food offering all around the globe, the brand has customised business model as per local people requirements, deliver not only fantastic and wide ranging foods but also create values and effective guest experience. The company is always looking for passionate franchise es rather money, challenges keep encounter time to time but effective planning is what helps you. There are few to become part of Chatar Patar:

Recognised brand: The chaat franchise brand has started journey from Gujarat and as of now it already spread roots in different states. When working with Chatar Patar you can take advantage of brand recognition. Customer footfall will automatically increase with its name only.

Transparent business: Legal agreements use to write terms and condition. There is hidden policies, as a franchisee you will enjoy transparency in operational activities.

Complete support: A team of experts work effortlessly to provide support in various things such as location finding to staff recruitment and training. In addition, guidance will be provided in store set up and how to maintain daily routine activities.

High ROI: Due to effective brand awareness footfall will be high enhance ROI can be achieved within few months.

Technology:Systematic operating processes have been implemented, software is used for billing and introduction of advance technology will definitely help franchisees a lot. 


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