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For the past few years, people have developed preferences for street foods franchise because of many reasons such as taste, reasonable prices, time and convenience. New street food franchise has offered wide range of recipes and options for customers, invest huge amount to create cuisines which are good for health. In order to make the world a better and fairer place, new foodservice brands are committed to offer quality, fresh and delicious foods. It is essential to apply environment-friendly commercial activities to reduce effect of carbon footprint. It is our responsibility to save natural environment from harmful strategies adopted by various fast food and casual dining restaurants.
chatar patar is perfect example of standard foodservice practices Chatar Patar is a unique and innovative brand incorporated especially to bring fresh and qualiy foods on dining tables. Here are few extraordinary concepts adopt by the brand:
1. Green colour theme - Green colour is symbol of natural environment and eco-friendly business practices. Chatar patar’s logo is designed mostly by using green colour. Moreover, you can see glimpse of green colour on interiors and furniture in outlets. Chatar patar deliver foods which are prepared by using natural ingredients.
2. No wastage –At chatar patar food and safety measures are priorities. Panipuri, bhels, chaats, etc. are prepared by using standard practices, cleanliness and freshness.
3. Vegetarian menu –All recipes available are prepared from vegetarian sources. For example, tandoori noodles, dahipuri, corn chat, etc. are eaten effectively by customers.
It is our responsibility to maintain a sustainable environment for future generation. Street food franchise operators need to follow eco-friendly services, Chatar patar foods Pvt. Ltd. has set an example in front of new players to use high level food and safety practices. Amazing services provided to customers is sole objective of today’s foodservice brands but at the same time they are also responsible for maintain natural environment.

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