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low cost fast food franchise in india

Street food franchise sector is consistently grown due to entrance of new players and these operators have transformed people’s thinking about street foods. Growing awareness for standard food practices in operational activities, cultural changes and urbanization are the key growth drivers for large investment in the sector. Local vendors offer various varieties of dishes at reasonable rates, rich, poor and middle population show great interest in panipuris, bhel, chaats, etc. The sector’s growth rate has increased to 10 % from 7 % in a period of past two years. As per reports, street food has been in huge demand and is consumed by approx. 2 billion people each day. Foods available on local streets are cheaper as compared to restaurant meals. In India, ready-to-eat meals, snacks and drinks offer by vendors is low in quality; some people demand to eat foods in organised format.
Organised street food franchise
Registered or licensed food stall owners that work as per FSSAI (food safety and standards authority of India) are termed as organised operators. On average, there are over 1 lakh vendors actively present in metros across India, massive growth has been seen over past few years. Fresh, delicious and incredible snacks, fast foods, continental, and Italian are offered by vendors in various regions around the country. If you get a chance to travel around south India cuisines like idli, dosa, rasam, etc. are prepared by natural ingredients or herbs serve to people on banana leaf. Apart from this, west India is famous for gujarati dishes. India is a diverse country in food and culture; you can take foodservice sector to new level by combining technology and innovative thinking. The best part of food industry is that there are plenty of business opportunities available for new entrepreneurs.
Competitive landscape
Number of people has depended on street foods for their livelihood, fierce competition is comprehensively observe in sector due to entry of registered players. For example, chatar patar foods Pvt. Ltd. has developed effective version of food items and it has maintained quality and taste. In order to become market leader, you need to develop an assortment of dishes, produce extremely tasty and flavourful recipes which attract people from all age groups. Always pay attention of consumer choices and preferences of remain competitive, every year dozens of new operators enter market with new recipes and lucrative facilities to make customer happy, satisfied and also to offer nutritious foods.

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