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street food franchise

After implementation of goods and services tax, luxurious restaurant chains will be struggled to sustain their growth rate, but street food franchise segment has steadily rise to best sector for investment as GST is low on street foods. The market for street food in India has been nurtured by modern era player like Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd. Unlike luxurious food services chains, India’s famous panipuri franchise has done tremendous work to penetrate unorganized market share of food industry and has successfully run outlets across the country over the years. In coming months GST impact will be seen on small pocket families they gradually shift to street foods because in luxurious restaurants food items price will higher due to high tax rate. Generally street foods are sold by local vendors on the street of India, foods are low price as well as tasty and also reflect traditional Indian culture.
Indian food items not only limited to India but also dominate local markets in countries like America, UK and Indonesia. Street food dishes are widely offered in London as well as in other local regions. Papdi chaat, panipuri and Dahipuri are being on UK streets over the years by Indians and native vendors. Hence it is proved that street food franchise market is expanding due to emerging technologies and increasing in foreign and Indian markets. Chatar Patar, first Indian panipuri brand has really done good work to uplift Indian street food level to new heights. At present new business models are designed to expand franchise in all over the country and world. It goes without saying that scope of growth for Indian food industry is endless, new players are creating better ways to offer foods, create better dine out experience for consumers. Innovative ideas are driver of success for food and beverage industry.

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