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Fast foods franchise

With advent of E-commerce platform people are shifting to online purchasing but still around 60 to 70% of market accounted for physical stores which is clear indication that brick and mortar stores have effective advantages as compared to online stores. Foodservice industry is growing outstandingly with presence of number of online food delivery companies, due to busy lifestyle people don’t like to visit stores thus they want doorstep services. According to survey, Indian population especially age between 20 to 35 crazy for physical stores to enjoy with closed ones. Online retailers only offer food but at stores you can adore every single bite, organize events with companies as well.Chaat franchise model designed by Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd is a step to standardize local foodservice segment. The company is constantly engaged with people through flexible food franchise models, quality snacks and optimum services.
Chaat franchise business is advantageous as compared to online food retail:
1. Customer experience real time services: No doubt internet has changed the way people do business, everything can be managed easily through technology. But physical stores have their own significance; consumers still prefer real stores because they can check quality at same time.
2. Social impact: At real stores, social activities can be conducted customers can enjoy with their friends or families. During festive occasions some companies organize events for customers.
3. Payment system: when people see multiple payment system, chance of sale will increase. At real chaat franchise store you allow online as well as cash and chequepayment system.
4. Customer engagement: There is still large population that does not feel comfortable in online procedures. You can different customer base with bricks and mortar store. For example people age group 50 to 70 generally do not use internet based applications, for a food franchise player every customer is important.

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