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The street food franchise segment in India is still lagging in terms of standardization and innovative concepts, local vendors don’t follow food and safety measures effectively. Indian economy will rise if native food business owners implement best strategies. ChatarPatar foods Pvt. Ltd. is ideal company that has inspired Indian ecosystem to adopt quality food preparation methods and health hygiene. The company has been focusing mainly on hygienic foods, in fact local vendors or hawkers usually offering street foods don’t care about freshness and cleanliness. FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) that monitor foodservice sector, the body consistently organize seminars to share best practices that should be used when serving foods to customers.
Chatar Patar is growing exponentially, series of stores have been opened one after one in consecutive five years. The awesome Chaatizza (combination of Chaat& pizza) is self-developed and also lip-smacking zappi, mouth-watering Pan Shots, energetic shakes and aromatic coffee flavours available at reasonable prices. An average middle class or low middle can enjoy delightful bites of yummy and tasty cuisines in standard arrangement.
With headquarters located in Indore, the brand has expanded roots in popular cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad,&Coimbatore. It is popular for its panipuri flavours, exceptional serving style and cleanliness maintained in every store. Chatar Patar’s mission is to take Indian street foods in the international marketplace, moreover people in countries such as Dubai, Singapore and Nepal approached for franchise set up. In forthcoming years, you can eat Indoori style street foods in global markets as well.
Express and Kiosk model is best if you’re thinking to invest below 10 lakhs and Mega store, Café and lounge are high investment models. In addition, 100% money back guarantee models also offers by street food franchise wherein investors will get whole amount after completion of agreement period.

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