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 street food franchise

Street food franchise sector is booming and one of the finest alternatives to start business venture. Indian street food is spreading globally and people in all over the world are appreciatinglocal taste as well.Competition in foodservice industry is burgeoning with entry of various brands that offer wide range of street snacks at reasonable rates. Indians are always looking for cheap and high quality foods, however consumer lost interest in unhealthy snacks as they shifted to organic. People these days are demanding for regional cuisines, moreover thirst for street foods are increasing because local vendors always offer low cost foods. In order to standardize foodservice industry several brands have come up with significant concepts.

The changing face of roadside food

Over past few years, street food industry is turn out to be most convenient and reliable for investment purpose. Number of national and international investors has come forward to explore opportunities in tier 2 and 3 cities.Around 60 to 70 % of street vendors don’t focus on standard operating procedures and hygiene condition of products isn’t satisfactory. Before starting a street food franchise outlet you must consider few things:

1.     Hygiene: Modern-day customer want fresh and clean foods, however they prefer QSRs (quick service restaurants) to quench their hunger. Street food is definitely a trend which is significantly growing and number of corporate officials goes street food stalls running lunch, breakfast and dinner time. Hence people in India are money conscious and like to taste varieties.

2.     Customer demand: A fledgling customer demand has impacted growth of foodservice industry, in addition people belong to age 20 to 25 show great in ready-to-eat meals such as burgers or pizzas. Some street food brands have developed amazing fast foods such as noodles, corn cupz and pastas.

3.     Pricing: Needless to say, Indian customers are price sensitive and frequently visit to luxurious restaurants. As a food operator, it is your responsibility to work as per market condition. People in different regions focus mainly on natural ingredients, apart from this, they want something special and exciting that give new taste to tongue.

4.     Competition: Market is highly dominated by street food vendors, in fact they offer unique menu at reasonable rate. Small pocket families prefer roadside cuisines instead of going to luxurious restaurants.The concept of organized street food brand is successful as customers are looking to embrace international food culture.

5.     Innovation: Indian food and beverage industry is highly competitive, young generation of the country want to experience finest food service destinations. Innovative in food, services and taste can be determining in establishment of new food service stores

Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd is world-class leader in food industry that offers amazing varieties of cuisines including different flavors of panipuri, chaatizza, zappi and aloo chakri. It is also considered as India’s 1st panipuri franchise brand which has introduced low investment business models in various locations across the nation. In order to implement hygienic food service concepts, Chatar Patar has done tremendous research and effortlessly develops a smooth and effective system. If you are dreaming to run your own street food business, do focus on models offered by Chatar Patar. In this global business environment, starting a business from scratch can be different due to existing competition. Franchising is ideal route for people who are inexperience and want to become boss of their own business. On become franchise partner, you are authoritative to use company’s logo, brand name, service or trademark. At Chatar Patar you can expect long lasting food career and generate massive revenue while serving quality cuisines.

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