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restaurant franchise india

Food franchise operators running around the country are focusing on traditional dishes, trying different ways to give a new taste to food items offered over the decades. For example, panipuri is also old ready to eat foods but in today’s environment you can see variety of panipuris offered in luxurious stores or small kiosks. Thus traditional foods are utilized to attract more customers, local vendors experiment with ancient cuisines, made efforts to couple age old dishes with latest trends and opportunities. Somehow players like Chatar Patar has gained immense popularity by creating branded panipuri stall. In addition, people are looking for more exciting concepts that transform the way people eat street foods in India. New players have realized that western products are likely to capture more market so to distinguish from crowd they focus on reshaping traditional Indian dishes.
Indian marketplace is always encouraging innovative ideas. You won’t find such varieties of foods anywhere around the world but only in India. With investment of around US $ 12 billion, the first half of 2017 has witnessed positive signs of growth and development. Traditional foods like idli, vada pav, golgappa, and chaats are serving to consumers with different tastes and varieties. For example at Chatar patar everything is prepared by using natural ingredients, everyone whether kids, young or old one can enjoy delicious snacks. For children sweet panipuris are available, toppings of onion, potato and curd is specially offered to food lovers. Panipuri shots are one of the new ways to mesmerise consumers. Hence overall whole concept was aiming to give air to traditional foods and present it to modern consumer with high-class hospitality and quality. Overall fast food industry has improved a lot; new concepts are consistently impress people. It goes without saying that food franchise market is getting diverse as new players are entering with a aim to create better outside food experience.

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