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In order to drive consumer traffic, fast food industry players follow marketing strategies. A company should do thorough research to know what customer expect and what kind of methodologies will be effective to improve food quality and services. Food industry is competitive and one of the fastest growing industries globally. Well-established and new players had to change business model to meet continuous changing consumer needs and wants. Some global brands are experiencing tough competition to understand today’s generation’s production-to-consumption food system. Furthermore, advancement in technology may or may not support business of existing players. Customer approaches to nutritious food items they want to know how food is prepared by operators. Several food franchises companies have established quality parameter to develop better foods. Various questions have been raised on top food franchises growth trajectory; for example, Chatar patar foods Pvt. Ltd. shared some techniques and concepts which are useful.
1. Product improvement
Chatar patar has always emphasized on products which are unique as well as innovative. For example, panipuri shots is one of the best snacks available at stores is artistic and creative. Product innovation is necessary to build great customer relationship.
2. Customer choice
Top food franchises are always opened to adopt constantly changing consumption pattern. Introduction of flavourful panipuris is part of strategies adopted by chatar patar.
3. Quality
Most food operators concentrating mainly on marketing strategies rather than quality, food menu should be checked continuously. A team of quality checker developed to maintain quality.
4. Marketing
These days’ people can’t live without Smartphone. Thus it is crucial to become active on social media platform. New product launching or promotional campaigns are part of marketing strategies on social media
5. Market segmentation
Know your target market, ask potential customers what they want to eat, what kind of ingredients will be good for health. Thorough market research is significant to develop effective business model.

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