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chaat franchise

Food franchise segment is one of the fastest growing in India and offer lucrative opportunities for people who want to enter in food industry. Due to increasing competition it will be difficult for new comers to find a niche position. Indians are very fond of different recipes, major reason of expansion of global brands in local markets. As per reports, every year dozens of international brands adopt franchise model to expand business in new markets. The most significant point of consideration is that food franchise sector is always profitable and money-spinning. Brands like Chatar patar foods Pvt. Ltd. emerged as strong street food brand in past two years. Mega store model, café model and lounge store model are best to start new food business. In addition, the brand is continuously concentrating on latest trends and opportunities to generate lots of profits with great acclaim.
1. Rapid population growth: Population is growing at impressive rate; this is good for food franchise sector as well. Number of global brands is entering in Indian markets in order to reach maximum customers in quick succession of time.
2. Demand:Income level of middle class has been increased, they are spending money on foods available at luxurious restaurants. For example, at chatar patar all snacks available at reasonable rates in standard quick service format. Day-by-day people want new recipes which are good for healthy.
3. Resources:In order to establish successful brand you need cost-effective resources. Labors are easily available at low rates and also India government encourage domestic as well as global brands to expand tier 1, 2, 3 and semi-urban areas.
4. Market opportunities:Market has potential to grow in forthcoming years; most companies from USA are primarily focus on food franchise sector to enter. There is great opportunities generating, new entrepreneurs can start own business.