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best food franchise in india

India has developed strong business relationship with various developed and developing countries around the globe. Local markets are highly influenced by global brands; U.S. is major country of FDI (foreign direct investment). American food franchise brands are constantly investing over past a decade, reason is fast economic development and availability of resources at low rates. Foreign companies can easily optimize production as well as commercial activities; in fact, government didn’t impose specific laws on franchise agreements. For example, Chatar patar is local brand street food which has grown into bigger one owing to its quality products and services, same way overseas brands also try to couple with consumer demand. Most significant aspect to improve food business is to know target market and act accordingly.
Why they need to learn from Indian brands
Starting a business from scratch would be tough, similarly maintain a business would be more complex. For example, during initial stage MacDonald’s has transformed whole Indian food market but after few years people was complaining about products & services which means changes should be made as per market demand. Chatar patar foods Pvt. Ltd. was started from streets but now it become popular brand with presence in metros, tier 1, tier 2 & tier 3 cities and towns. It is paying attention to market trends to grow business. Consistent changes in business model according to market trends are reason behind success; moreover technology adoption is also a key factor that influences growth. Online ordering system, digital menu, self services, etc. are few trends growing in markets. It is necessary for every existing and new player to use technology to improve services and product competitiveness. Local Indian brands are focusing mainly on natural ingredients to produce dishes, they consider customer feedback at priority and try to implement them effectively.

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