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Demand of hygiene, fresh and healthiest food undeniably has been growing in Indian marketplace effectively over past few years. Plenty of options are available for eating-out, such as fine dining, fast casual and QSR but there are untapped opportunities budding in market that needs to be explored. Small kiosks, outlets, and luxurious restaurants are most convenient places to enjoy delicious meals at reasonable rates. Chatar Patar is leading street food franchise brand based in Indore which has introduced hygienic cuisines in organized format. Whenever you are in mood to become boss of own business does few things: research, market segmentation and long term opportunity. Food franchise is already filled with numerous brands thus choose the best out of rest, in order to make huge profits.
Chatar Patar in Assam
Assam is located in Northeast India and the state known for its natural beauty, tea gardens and silk market as well. Additionally, local cuisines available in Assam are mainly containedrice, green vegetables, spices, non-vegan substances, etc. One of the famous cities is Guwahati; it is growing at rapid rate in terms of industrial development. Apart from this, foodservice sector is also burgeoning in Assam especially youth of the states become point of interest when it comes to eating-out options. Food franchise players are basically offering street foods in organized, for example Chatar Patar’s outlet in Guwahati is one of the best places to eat delicious Indian delicacies. Changing food preferences, urbanization and busy lifestyle are majors that influence growth of foodservice sector in India. Chatar Patar’s business models are highly competitive, well designed and maintained to meet needs of local customers. It is difficult for any food operators to establish outlet in state like Assam because people prefer local cuisines rather than meals offer by outside players.
Quality, cleanliness and freshness, these are basic parameters which are essentially to build strong relationship with customers in food franchise sector. Guwahati is centre of attraction for visitors, to add more, eco-tourism is popular with of national parks, wild life sanctuaries, etc. Chatar Patar’s street food franchise is running successfully in Assam with great acclaim, moreover Chaat franchise model has been accepted by local students, adolescents and old age very much. All dishes made from natural ingredientsand today’s consumer demand nutritious foods.
Growing food franchise opportunities in Assam
In the course of past five years, food and beverage industry has been become area of interest for several national and international brands. Assamese cuisines like Jolpan, laru, pitha, etc. are gradually have been replaced by ready-to-meals. People these days want demand fastest, inexpensive and high quality foods at single destinations, in fact QSR (quick service restaurant) is one of the best foodservice formats that are running magnificently around the globe. People can enjoy myriad range of meals at reasonable rates, for example Guwahati is known for its world-famous cloth, food and art market. If you want to explore hidden entrepreneurs then Chatar Patar is the one stop solution.
Chatar Patar is expanding roots in major cities of Assam
India’s 1st Panipuri brand has already spread wings in 20+ Indian states, so far the brand has transformed street food sector through its flexible business environment. With an objective to bring hygienic foods in organized format, Chatar Patar is contributing to Indian foodservice industry. The brand offers low investment business models, training, marketing, site selection and operational support to franchise. Chaat franchise model is earning lots of appreciation from customers in Guwahati and Dhekiajuli. In order to establish own business in Indian marketplace, you should become part of Chatar Patar to become boss of own business.

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