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Street food franchise sector is burgeoning in the course of past few years due to entry of various brands in organized format like QSR (Quick service restaurant). Today’s consumer likes to spend huge amount on foods away-from-home especiallypanipuri to papdi chaat, and stuffed gapagap to Pan Shots, savoury, sweet and spicy, everyone enjoy delicious ready-to-eat meals with great acclaim. In India, you can find limitless range of foods in different geographic location, Bihar is one of them. It is third most populous state, the state enjoys favourable environment, striking marketplace, large young population and consistent growth. The Chatar Patar franchise model is well-suited to Bihar’ market as people here likes to eat panipuri (puchka) very much. Near about half of population is engaged in agriculture based business activities. Furthermore, food franchise sector in Bihar is rapidly expanding; food is largest expenditure of millennials.
Food franchise opportunities in Patna
Patna is capital of Bihar; the city is famous for age old culture, ancient heritage, and world-class education institutions. Numerous small, medium and large scale industries have started manufacturing facilities due to low labour cost. The percentage of young generation is increasing day-by-day; state government is also planning to establish tourism activities and dedicatedly emphasizing on latest technology trends to improve socio-economic condition. Food franchise sector in the city is still in nascent stage but there are plenty of options that need to be explored. Chatar Patar is always focus on innovative models, the brand is India’s fastest growing street food franchise brand based in Indore which has transformed whole marketplace through its food products and business strategies. Indian foodservices sector is highly competitive due to presence of several brands that offer toothsome recipes in organized format. But services of Chatar Patar is outstanding, moreover consistent innovations is success parameter that you can observe when working with chaat franchise.
Patna is recognised as ideal city for business establishment as per World Bank report and Bihar’s economy is growing rapidly over past years owing to industrialization, digitalization, globalization and urbanization. On the outskirts of city, you will find various foodservice brands that successfully established tremendous brand name because people in Patna show great in outside culture as well. With present in almost every major city, the Chatar Patar has been expanding roots in Bihar as well. You can become part of Chaat franchise easily through customized system.
Economy of Bihar favours food franchise brands
In order to start a food business you need to do proper research to know behaviour of target audience, consumption pattern, space occupied by other brands, their menu and what new things that can be introduced into existing food culture. Basically there are lots of challenges may occur when you think to being own business independently, apart from this franchise business is less risky as well as stress-free as franchisor is there to support you. Bihar would be best location for panipuri business, eventually Puchka is familiar street food which is consumed mostly on daily basis. Thanks to modern-day consumer that want standard foodservice concepts to maintain modern-day lifestyle. Chatar Patar has outpaced local vendors and other brands in terms of popularity. It has introduced broad range products in QSR format, moreover rates of all products suits small pocket families as well.
Whenever you want to be boss of own business, just turn around for something innovative and exciting that fulfils your desire as well as customer expectation. Chatar Patar is offering low investment models that can generate blistering profits and also add more value to your investment. Join fast growing franchise network in Bihar.

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