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Everyone wants to eat healthy, delicious, fresh and quality foods in standard foodservice formats.Are you feeling tired with routine diets and look around for something innovative that gives new taste to your tongue. Well your one stop solution is Chatar Patar. Now question arises how to reach nearest store or brand is present in cityyou are living. We’ve solution for everything whether it is quality food or business opportunities. You can start own Chaat franchise without any trouble in various locations across Indian states. Here we are going to discuss about scope of Chatar Patar in Jharkhand.
Jharkhand is not developed as other Indian states, according to various surveys around 50 to 60 % of total population living in rural areas where standard of living need to be improved. In recent past five years, Indian government has introduced different measures to uplift Jharkhand’s economy. The state is home to mineral resources like copper, mica, coal and iron ore, apart from this, Tata steel has developed plant and corporate office in Tatanagar. Overall Jharkhand could be best location for food franchise establishment due to its favourable environment, low competition, cheap manpower cost and changing preferences of consumers.
Current position of foodservice industry in Jharkhand
Foodservice industry is comprised of vivid brands that offer ready-to-eat meals, traditional cuisines, snacks and nutritious foods. In Jharkhand, people prefer home cooked food;love to follow traditions and rituals and in festive occasions local cuisines mostly serve on dining tables. Eating-out habits has been gradually budding in major cities of state such as Ranchi, Dhanbad, Bokaro steel city and Jamshedpur. Young population always attracted towards new food concepts, trendy menu, and food presentation styles. Foodservice industry in Jharkhand is still in nascent stage, huge scope for new comers to set up lavish quick service restaurants.
What trends should be introducing in existing foodservice system
Global foodservice companies use latest trends such as takeaway, online delivery and quick services to engage with customers effectively. In order to be on top position it is essential to experiment with existing models, menu and services. Chatar Patar’s outstanding concept of serving Panipuri (Puchka) in standard format has been accepted by consumers in different parts of nations. Moreover, few of delicacies like chaatizza, Aloo chakri and zaapi exclusively available at chaat franchise store. In most populous cities, street foods are affordable and easily available but quality, freshness and cleanliness should be improved. Chatar Patar’s motto is to deliver health hygiene panipuri, people can serve themselves or prepare own panipuri plate. In traditional Jharkhandis plate rice used enormously, more people also prefer fast foods and street foods as well.
How Chatar Patar is flawless
Increasing demand for outside home foods, nutritious meals and fast services create opportunities for new food operators. In this context, Chatar Patar is famous name throughout the country for its phenomenal franchise systems. Each and every model is crafted beautifully after effortless research, for example in Jharkhand people prefer local spices hence it has introduced ingredients that suits native people tongue. It is responsibility of foodservice players to listen to their customer needs immediately and come up with a solution to make them happy. This strategy adopted to bring values to business and enhance services to customers. Identify problems faced by consumers with current system, prepare list of things that you can add to deliver fantastic services.
As a franchisee, you will get assurance of successful set up in your desired location in Jharkhand. Chatar Patar’s operation team paying attention to requirements of franchisees, provide complete support in store establishment.

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