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The eating-out culture has been growing exponentially in India. Due to busy lifestyle most people prefer foods which are easily available, affordable and also nutritious. By offering wide range of cuisines, several food franchise brands have developed strong relationship with customer. Moreover, as a part of promotional activities food operators give away coupons, gift cards and creative digital marketing strategies to reach maximum customers. The Chatar Patar food concept has gained tremendous popularity in Kerala, dishes like Idlivada, papdi chaat, etc. It is the best destination for people to get relax, chatting with friends and most importantly delicious cuisines made with 100% original ingredients. Aspirants who are searching for low investment business opportunities should pay attention towards latest trends and options. Kerala is famous for agricultural products like rubber, coconut, spices, cashew and coffee and elephants are vital part of culture. In addition, the state has its own unique recipes especially made from rice such as idli, appam, dosa, etc.
Trivandrum is capital city; in fact it is most populous city. Whenever you are in Trivandrum don’t forget to check in at Chatar Patar foods. The Chaat franchises USP is quality, innovative business models, and effective customer service. Kerala is colourful state, the mesmerising natural beauty, the regional dance formats, and festivals all are unique. When it comes to industrial growth, Kerala is still lagging behind as compared to neighbouring states. Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd. have introduced different flavours of pachakam, stuffed gapagapand combination of savoury and sweet snacks to satisfy taste buds of customers. In India, foodservice business is always profitable if your products and services will create difference that means you must deliver world renowned products in standard format.
Chaat franchise opportunities in Trivandrum
Increasing demand for hygiene foodservice concepts in Kerala is due to people perception towards foods away-from-home; they want fresh and clean meals without any involvement of factory-made preservatives. Street food sector is dominated mainly by local vendors, however market portion of organized players have been increased over past few years due to changing preferences of consumers. Starting a food business in Trivandrum is easy but you have to follow local rules and regulations and also use natural ingredients. Chatar Patar’sobjective is to standardized local street food market and showcases it in international markets. In this technology-driven world, you must know how customer behaves and what want in return. Trivandrum is world famous city; business opportunities arebudding effectively due to increasing young generation that concentrates mainly on start-ups rather than 9 to 5 jobs. Additionally, IT industries are steadily growing in Trivandrum, there are number of campuses of private and government based companies. Thus it is essential to find best opportunities that give fruits in coming future. Chatar Patar is perfect street food franchise brand for food business investment, in general you can expect long term career because products serve by it are evergreen and people love to eat savoury snacks in organized formats.
As a franchisee you can expect complete support from operations, digital marketing and higher management. Chatar Patar’ brand recognition definitely a plus point for investors, apart from this systematic and standard operating procedure is followed at every store around the nation. It is responsibility of both franchisor and franchisor to deliver best services to create better dining experience for existing and potential entrepreneurs. The company has developed strong marketing team to promote products and services and is currently emphasizing on latest trends to meet demands of customer effectively. You can start food business in Kerala;Chatar Patar offers best money-spinning options.

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