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Consumer choices and preferences have been continuously changing and due to which food operators face lots of challenges to operate food stalls. In India, there are 29 states; each one has its own food culture, religious trends and marketplace. In the course of past few years, terrific expansion of food franchise sector is registered as number of small, medium and large scale enterprises has established large franchise network across the nation. In northern, southern and western region food service market is growing rapidly as compared to eastern regions. But there is room for improvement in eastern states as well; food franchise operators from different states can access natural resources to service quality foods. Meghalaya is one of the north-east states, known for its tremendous geographical location, unique varieties of flora and fauna.

Around 60 to 70% of region is covered by forest as Meghalaya is among the states where rainfall is more. The economy of state depend on agriculture and foreign industry and significant production of various fruits and crops such as rice, bananas, spices, maize, etc. Apart from this, there are real estate and insurance companies that dominate service sector effectively. The major part of Meghalaya’s population follows traditions and like to wear ethnic clothes. Additionally like other states, it is rich in food cuisines, for example Jadoh, Nakham Bitchi and pumaloi are unique recipes which are only available in Meghalaya.

Franchise opportunities in Shillong

Being the capital city, Shillong, state government has been working dedicatedly to create better life for local people. In entire northeast region Shillong is major centre of education and also fascinating place for tourist activities. Cherrapunji, highest rainfall region is located near to Shillong people from part of the country come to feel natural beauty of Shillong. Scope for food franchise operators in Shillong is quite good because modern-day population always look for something innovative and new dishes that gives new taste to mouth. To add more, demand of fast food in Shillong is increasing day-by-day, plenty of fast food restaurants are running successfully in different locations. Chatar Patar’s chaat franchise model will definitely create different and add more diversity to existing food culture of Meghalaya. People mostly engaged in agricultural activities hence opportunities for foodservice business in the state is shining high. Food products such as savoury chaats, bhel, & other snacks offered by Chatar Patar in organized format will transform food service sector.

Eating habit of People of Meghalaya is quite interesting, they like spices and varieties of dishes, rice and non-vegan recipes.  Whenever individuals want to start new business in any location across Meghalaya they should focus on Chatar Patar because brand offers profitable low investment franchise opportunities, on-going support and consistently provide help to franchisees to run store efficiently. In this global business environment, it is essential to do proper research to evaluate latest trends for your business venture to become success. But with Chatar Patar everything is outstanding from services to menu and training to site selection assistance. It is estimated that in coming years Meghalaya’s economy will get double owing government policies to attract foreign investors to establish huge food parks and various industries.


Chatar Patar is a well-established brand thus you can take advantage of its presence and popularity to pull customers. People in Meghalaya always welcome innovative food service concepts because they want to experience delicious recipes made with 100% natural ingredients. Chatar Patar’s business models including kiosk, hybrid, express and café ranges from 6 to 20 lakhs will be profitable to generate maximum revenues without any problem. You can start food service career with Chatar Patar in Meghalaya easily.

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