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India is one of the largest consumer markets in world, with around 1.2 billion it is ideal location for business establishment. If country consistently grows at rapid rate as if now,it will become leading economies in coming future. Consumer segment is India dominated majorly by young people between age group 20 to 35 years and foodservices players these days are targeting youth as they spend more on eating-out notions. As compared to consumers in other nation, Indians spend more on food and beverage related items. Odisha is one of the states that basically third largest region of tribal population, moreover economy is growing amazingly contributed to country’s GDP as well. Foodservice sector is still not developed when compared with other states effectively and is expected to increase around 8 to 9% with entry of organized players.
Food culture in Odisha
Unique cultural practices, natural beauty and ancient heritage arereflecting in odia cuisines. Native people prefer less spices, use no factory-made ingredients and oil in dishes. But still food is flavourful; however food culture is influenced mostly by religious rituals. The temple of Lord Jagannath is centre of attraction for both visitors and local public. Gupchup, also termed as Panipuri or Golgapa is most popular food in odisha. Plenty of local vendors have been seen selling gupchup on streets of various cities, to add more, a classic odisha plate contains green vegetable, dal, fried rice, and fish curry. Food franchise sector has shown unprecedented growth over past few years, market share of organized players have been increased.
Food franchise opportunities in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar
Bhubaneswar is capital city, known for its age old culture andtremendous industrial development. Foodservice establishment in Bhubaneswar is outstandingly growing due to demand of young generation for ready-to-eat meals like Gupchup, chaats, bhel, etc. Odisha will continue to show steady growth, adoption of digital technology is profitable for food industry. Local government is always focusing to drive investment in various sectors including foodservice.
Online delivery system, on-table services, digital menus and takeaway systems are popular these days throughout the world. Bhubaneswar is perfect city for food business establishment because manpower cost is low, no specific rules and regulations, favourable environment, etc. café, restaurants, and fast food franchise brands in Bhubaneswar have propelled in India because young consumer show great in standardized formats and quick services.
Cuttack is another city where foodservice business can be established easily without any problem. Although competition is high but numerous untapped opportunities can be converted into phenomenal destinations to deliver best cuisines. Taking into consideration latest up dates, Indian food industry is expanding expressively like it has never before. Odisha’s fast-changing lifestyle will be profitable for Chatar Patar food franchise concept; moreover the brand has developed wide range of panipuri flavours which can be enjoyed very much by local people. Chaat franchise model designed with an objective to bring innovative Indian style street foods in standard formats that suits modern-day culture and lifestyle.
Odisha’s food culture is quite interesting and may suitable to Chatar Patar menu, for example chaats, bhel, dahi papdi, etc. have been consumed mostly by youth. Apart from this, the brand is also trying to adapting with local culture to make people happy and satisfied. The Indian foodservice sector is already filled with numerous brands so it is essential to conduct research. Chatar Patar could be your one stop solution because it offers:
• High quality services, maintain cleanliness and freshness
• Always focus on sustainable growth
• Implement new concepts on regular basis to create better dining options for customers.
• Low investment models and high return

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