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It goes without saying that eating-out culture is propelling in the course of past few years in Indian marketplace. Consumption of street foods has been increased rapidly; people around the globe prefer ready-to-eat meals because it is inexpensive, convenient and easily available. Every nation has its own food culture; street food outlets are affordable and classic hangout destinations for people who want to get relax after routine lifestyle with delicious foods. Needless to say, food always couple with culture, for example most loved as well as iconic snack panipuri is famous in all over the country with different names like puchka, golgapa, puchkam, etc.
Punjab, home of Golden Temple,famous for diverse cultural, energetic young generation people, broad range of foods and agricultural production. Around half of overall population is engaged in agricultural based business. But Punjabis are also fond of foods, during festive occasion’s mouth-watering recipes being served. Additionally, living of standard in Punjab is bit high when it comes to cities like Chandigarh, Amritsar, Mohali, Panchkula and Jalandhar. The geographic location of Punjab favours agricultural based business, moreover engineering, textile and small IT companies and tourism is also contributing to local economy as well.
Franchise opportunities in Amritsar, Chandigarh and other major cities
Harmandir Sahib, the Golden Temple is in Amritsar, centre of attraction for tourists as well as for native people. On a daily basis, number of people end their hunger while eating in lunger, a free meal served to people belong to any caste, religion, gender and economic class. In Amritsar and Chandigarh, people spend huge amount on foods away-from-home, they consistently took part in innovative foodservice concepts and demand more unique food brands. The Chatar Patar food franchise concept can be coupled with local culture; in addition menu is quite delicious to serve people. In Punjab the consumption of tandoori chapatti, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes is more, apart from this Punjabi cuisines is largely influenced by buttery flavour cuisines. In today’s business environment it is necessary to follow standard procedures which will accept in different location without any problem.
Low investment high return
Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd. is offering profitable low investment street food franchise opportunities, the brand gives you various options to be boss of your own business. You will get chance to explore fantastic foodservice concepts that can generate lots of revenue and make people happy. Punjab is best destination to establish chaat franchise because local consumer generally developed tendency to visit luxurious restaurants. Chaatizza, zappi, Pan Shots, and stuffed gapagap are an addition to street food that can be served to people in organized format. All of these cuisines developed at Chatar Patar exclusively with 100% original ingredients. At present, Punjab is growing rapidly, various industry sectors have been booming due to technology advancement and in the same way foodservice industry is also expanding with entry of various global and local brands. Chatar Patar provides world-class products, become India’s 1st brand to serve panipuri in standard format and always take care of healthy hygiene activities.
Café and express model are designed to enhance food franchise sector, in major cities like Amritsar and Chandigarh the innovative concept will definitely run successfully. Normally people like to spend huge amount on outside home foods but they want high quality services in return. The Chatar Patar’s food franchise system is superlative to transform current market condition in Punjab. If you want to start own food business, there are lots of things strike in mind but with Chatar Patar you will get solution of everything instantly without any trouble.

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