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With a population of over 1.2 billion, India has been figured as perfect location for business establishment especially food franchise brand. India is seventh largest nation in terms of area and second largest in population. Foodservice brands mostly target young generation as choice and preferences of youth encourage food operators to create more delicious recipes. Sikkim is one of Indian states which are blessed with mesmerising natural beauty, large range of flora and fauna and outstanding ecosystem. It is located in North-eastern region of India, second smallest states where Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain on Earth lies. Industrial development is not at peak in Sikkim but food business is always profitable as both travellers and local people want to eat delicious recipes. Like other fast-growing state, Sikkim too has different lifestyle, food culture, and moreover it is the most beautiful stat where technology still not influences life of native people.

Sikkim’s geographic location and natural environment favours agricultural activities very much, apart from this, local cuisines such as momos and various noodle based dishes. When it comes to IT industry and other business sector development doesn’t grow as it should be. Local as well as central government has come up with effective policies to attract investors. In order to explore natural beauty and peace traveller from throughout the globe show interest in Sikkim, additionally foodservice industry is basically dominated by local vendors and international players like subway, Domino’s pizza and other brands started commercial operations to offer quality foods to local population. There are numerous restaurants that provide local cuisines and many of them also want to discover new business options.

Chatar Patar franchise in Gangtok

Gangtok is capital city of Sikkim which is centre of attraction for tourism. Small and medium scale business have been successfully running across Gangtok, moreover Thomson Digital, the Indian publishing company has established commercial unit in the city. State government is working with central government to create better opportunities in various sectors. Hence Sikkim is in growing stage and in coming years there would be huge expansion in every business sector. Chatar Patar food franchise will definitely perfect to serve high quality street foods in organized format. Snacks like Panipuri, bhel and chaats not common in Gangtok because local vendors only like to regional snacks. In this technology-driven world, nothing is impossible thus chaat franchise concept become success in north eastern states.

Tea plantations in Sikkim has been increasing expressively, all agricultural activities and farm are organic that means no chemical fertilizers used to grow crops. Become an organic state Sikkim will attract large number of tourist and visitors stay in village untouched by technology are likely to enjoy the state’s natural beauty. Chatar Patar business strategies, core values, and mission align to Sikkim government’s mission thus chances of success will automatically get double. For example Chatar Patar’s green theme in each store across the nation reflects company’s strategies to build green environment and follows perational activities which don’t affect natural atmosphere.

The growth of organic farming is perfect example set by Sikkim to other states and has shown path to maintain ecosystem effectively. Food service industry is in nascent stage still room for improvement; Panipuri business will give new experience and add diversity to existing street food culture as well. Chatar Patar enjoys tremendous success in over country with its low investment business models, customized franchise system and effective revenue model. As a franchisee in Sikkim you will get on-going support in marketing and store step up. Food franchise sector in major cities like Gangtok not developed as per latest trends, with Chatar Patar everything will get standardized.

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