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Eating-out culture among Indians is getting popular as young generating securing around 40 to 50% of population show interest in innovative foodservice concepts. Over past few years, India is emerged as profitable consumer market in terms of consumption and production of foods away-from-home. Franchising route is considered as fruitful because in Independent business you need to start from scratch and in franchised business, everything bring to you by franchisor. After signing legal agreement you can access company’s brand name, logo and sell products or services in your selected region. Ready-to-operate business models are less risky franchisor is there to support in operations, staff recruitment, site selection and marketing. The Chatar Patar franchise system has been accepted by people in various Indian states, one of them is West Bengal. Food and beverage sector is growing rapidly, effective expansion of quick service restaurant franchise concepts is interesting to notice.
Chaat franchise opportunities in Kolkata
Kolkata is capital city of West Bengal, famous for diverse food culture, age old heritage, and moreover spread along the bank of river Hooghly the city is centre of attraction for visitors. Apart from this, street food in Kolkata is not only famous in local areas but also popularity of puchka is spreading to international markets as well. Every day you can eat super-delicious food at reasonable rates on the streets, wide range flavours will definitely enhance your taste buds. Additionally, Kolkata is burgeoning due to increasing population, urban infrastructure and consistent market growth. Chaat franchise concept of Chatar Patar is developed with an aim to bring standardized street foods such as puchka (panipuri), kathi roll, paprichaat, etc. Kolkata’s favourable environment, busy lifestyle, eating-out culture and consumer changing preferences towards meals away-from-home will definitely a plus point for Chatar Patar. The company mainly offers ready-to-eat snacks which is suitable for existing lifestyle of consumers in Kolkata. People of Kolkata are fond of music, arts, food, sports, religious practices, etc. Local people have developed culture of discussing with friends while eating crispy, savoury and sweet snacks. Regardless of tight scheduled, people never stop consumption of outside home snacks like puchka. It is delight to be in Kolkata, moreover expansion of organized foodservice sector creates massive opportunities for Chatar patar franchise as people here are always searching for innovative menu and high quality services.
Income level of Kolkata’s native people increased a bit thus spending power is rising and this resulted in growth of shopping. Additionally, Kolkata is highly populous metropolitan city and supreme hub for various food brands. Bengali culture is quite different in terms of rituals and customs, besides on every festive occasion there is special dish. Overall Kolkata is emerging destination for foodservice business establishment; in fact Chatar Patar is fantastic food franchise brand that serves purpose of every individual on the planet whether it isa customer or investor. The IT industry is booming over past few years, student population is increasing year on year and young generation spending huge amount on outside home foods. The Chaat franchise aspirants can take benefits to begin foodservice career with ease.
If you want to serve people with something toothsome, then Kolkata is ideal city for Chatar Patar franchise establishment. With an outlet successfully running in Kolkata, the brand is looking for more passionate entrepreneurs who can add value to existing franchise network. In coming future, there is would be more stores in different cities of West Bengal including Kolkata. It is to be concluded that food franchise is filled with numerous brands but it is essential to work with best brands like Chatar Patar to ensure success.

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